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Your smile is crucial to your identity, influencing how you present yourself. The impact of tooth loss on self-esteem can be significant whether tooth loss results from gum disease, severe decay, genetics, systemic disorders, or trauma; our Lifetime Dental & Implant Center team is ready to assist.

We provide a range of options to address your unique needs, including implant-supported dentures in Katy, TX. Regardless of the number of teeth you’ve lost, our skilled team is committed to crafting implant dentures that enhance your smile and restore oral function and confidence!

What Are Snap-On Dentures?

Snap-On dentures, also called implant-supported dentures, are removable or fixed dentures of the entire upper or lower arches anchored in the jawbone. Snap-in dentures are stable and comfortable and can be taken off anytime for your convenience.

These implant dentures can completely transform your smile, improving your confidence significantly. Our team is proud to know that we have helped many patients restore their smiles with Snap-On dentures!

Advantages of

Procedure for Snap-On Dentures

Getting Snap-On dentures is a straightforward and transformative process at Lifetime Dental & Implant Center. We’ll start with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your dental concerns and smile goals and conduct a thorough oral examination. Using advanced digital diagnostics, including a CBCT scanner, we gain a detailed understanding of your oral structures to determine your candidacy for implant dentures.

With the information obtained at your consultation, we’ll create your treatment plan to ensure your new smile adheres to your smile goals, facial features, and lifestyle. On the day of your procedure, we’ll administer your preferred sedation and make small incisions in your jawbone. We’ll insert 4-6 implants into your jawbone and attach an abutment. These implants will act as an anchor or tooth root for your implant dentures to snap onto. Once your implants and abutment are in place, we’ll place your implant dentures so you can begin using them immediately!

These implant dentures are designed to provide a stable and aesthetically pleasing solution for individuals with multiple missing teeth. With precision and expertise, your new teeth will look, feel, and function like natural teeth for you to enjoy for years to come!

Enjoy the Option That Gives You Options!

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