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At Lifetime Dental & Implant Center, we treat a wide variety of common and complex dental issues. No matter what you’re experiencing, we have the expertise to get you back to a happy, healthy, beautiful smile. As board-certified dentists, we have extensive, advanced training to provide care for dental and facial conditions. Rely on us for problems ranging from infected wisdom teeth that have to come out to replacement of missing teeth in Katy, TX.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are those that haven’t erupted fully through the gums, which can occur with stubborn baby teeth, wisdom teeth, and sometimes with permanent adult teeth. There are various reasons why adult teeth can have a difficult time erupting. Among the most common reasons are: higher than the normal number of teeth in the mouth, obstructive growths, and overcrowding from surrounding teeth. Impacted teeth can cause a number of problems for the patient starting at an early age. If these teeth are not able to come in fully, the child may have difficulty eating normally, as well as pain and tooth misalignment. In many other cases, symptoms may not appear until an X-ray presents the issue. We can offer a few options to resolve impacted teeth, including working in collaboration with an orthodontist to guide the tooth to the proper placement. In the case of wisdom teeth, we often recommend extraction.

Severe Bone Loss

Your jawbone relies on the stimulation of tooth roots and the regular sensation of chewing to keep it healthy. With tooth loss, the bone itself can start to deteriorate unless those missing teeth are replaced quickly. This bone loss has many short-term and long-term consequences. You can end up losing more teeth through a “domino effect” of tooth loss. Your facial features can sink, and your distinctive appearance can be replaced by an aged, unhealthy look that you won’t want or even recognize.

Fortunately, our team of board-certified dentists is extensively trained in treating even the most severe cases of bone loss. We’re able to give new teeth and a new life to patients who may otherwise have to settle for living without teeth. Beyond single and full mouth dental implant solutions with bone grafting treatment plans, we also offer zygomatic dental implants. These specialized implants can help patients who have lost a significant amount of bone. Placed in specialized facial bone beyond the jawbone, zygomatic implants are precisely placed for lasting security.

Severe Wear of Teeth

Severe wear of teeth, also known as dental attrition, occurs when the enamel on the tooth surfaces wears down significantly. This can result from various factors, including bruxism (teeth grinding), a misaligned bite, or habitual clenching.

As the enamel diminishes, teeth may become sensitive, discolored, and prone to fractures. Severe wear can impact the overall function and aesthetics of the smile, emphasizing the importance of timely intervention and appropriate treatments to restore tooth structure and prevent further damage.

Bone Regeneration

Bone regeneration through bone grafts is a critical procedure to preserve and restore bone structure in the oral cavity. In ridge preservation, bone grafts are utilized to maintain the dimensions of the alveolar ridge after tooth extraction, preventing bone loss and providing a stable foundation for future dental implants.

Bone grafts are employed around periodontal defects to regenerate lost bone tissue from periodontal disease. This innovative technique promotes the regeneration of supportive bone structures, aiding the overall stability and health of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Through these procedures, bone grafts contribute significantly to enhancing oral health and facilitating successful dental interventions.

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